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Georgios A. Spyroulias, Ph.D.

Chemistry, Associate Professor,
Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras
Tel.: +30.2610.969950, -1, -2; Fax: +30.2610.969950.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Group web site: http://bionmr.upatras.gr

Research Interests
The research activities of the group encompass the study of the structure and dynamics of peptides and proteins involved in signalling pathways, proteolysis and ion/metal transfer, both in silico and in vitro. To this framework the group applies protocols and methods to (a) Molecular modelling and biomolecular simulations in protein structure modelling (sequence analysis, homology modelling, etc.), molecular dynamics and docking simulations (design/evolution of virtual chemical libraries and high-throughput virtual screening of compound libraries) in structure-based drug design, (b) Protein expression, purification and labeling for biophysical and conformational dynamics studies of biomolecules, and (c) NMR spectroscopy for the structure, dynamics and interaction of proteins.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Z. Zhou, A. Pyriochou, A. Kotanidou, G.A. Dalkas, M. van Eickels, G.A. Spyroulias, C. Roussos A. Papapetropoulos. Soluble guanylyl cyclase (sGC) activation by HMR-1766 (ataciguat) in cells exposed to oxidative stress. American Journal of Physiology – Heart & Circulatory Physiology 295, Η1763-1771 (2008).
  • L.A. Abriata, L. Banci, I. Bertini, S. Ciofi-Baffoni, P. Gkazonis, G.A. Spyroulias, A.J. Vila, S. Wang.  Nature Chem. Biol. 4, 599-601 (2008).
  • G.A. Dalkas, C. Chasaspis, P. Gkazonis, D. Bentrop, G.A. Spyroulias.  Biochemistry ACS 49, 10767-10769 (2010).



POLICY STATEMENT: Biomedicine and Molecular Biosciences Action BM1005 is funded by COST, through its implementing agent the European Science Foundation.