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Dragan M. Djuric, MD, PhD, FIACS

Professor and Chair, PhD Program in Physiological Sciences
Institute of Medical Physiology “Richard Burian”
School of Medicine, University of Belgrade
Visegradska 26/II, 11000 Belgrade
Republic of Serbia
Phone: +381 11 36 07 112
Fax: +381 11 36 11 261
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research Interests

  • Effects of homocysteine and homocysteine-related compounds on rat heart and coronary circulation: the role of oxidative stress, gasotransmitters (NO, CO, H2S) and folic acid
  • The roles of gasotransmitters NO, H2S and CO in homocysteine-induced seizures and in methionine-induced hyperhomocysteinemia in rats

Selected Recent Publications

  • Barudzic N, Turjacanin-Pantelic D, Zivkovic V I, Selakovic D, Srejovic I, Joksimovic J, Djuric DM, Jakovljevic VLj. (2013) The effects of cyclooxygenase and nitric oxide synthase inhibition on oxidative stress in isolated rat heart. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 381(1-2):301-311.
  • Zivkovic V, Djuric D, Turjacanin-Pantelic D, Marinkovic Z, Stefanovic D, Srejovic I, Jakovljevic V. (2013) The effects of cyclooxygenase and nitric oxide synthase inhibition on cardiodynamic parameters and coronary flow in isolated rat hearts.  Exp Clin Cardiol 18(2):e102-10.
  • Zivkovic V, Jakovljevic V, Djordjevic D, Vuletic M, Barudzic N, Djuric D. (2012) The effects of homocysteine-related compounds on cardiac contractility, coronary flow, and oxidative stress markers in isolated rat heart. Mol Cell Biochem 370(1-2):59-67.
  • Hrncic D, Rasic-Markovic A, Krstic D, Macut D, Susic V, Djuric D, Stanojlovic O. (2012) Inhibition of the neuronal nitric oxide synthase potentiates homocysteine thiolactone- induced seizures in adult rats. Med Chem 1;8(1):59-64.
  • Marković AR, Hrnčić D, Macut D, Stanojlović O, Djuric D. (2011) Anticonvulsive effect of folic acid in homocysteine thiolactone-induced seizures. Cell Mol Neurobiol 31(8):1221-8.



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